Plus Group

The Plus Group of Companies offers a range of uniquely integrated horticultural solutions both domestically and internationally. Its core passion is the long-term sustainability of horticulture delivered to our valued clients through service excellence, experience and innovation.

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GroPlus provides a world class kiwifruit orchard management service that maximises grower returns and delivers to our customers’ service excellence, product superiority and innovation.

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Pollen Plus

Pollen Plus is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality Male Kiwifruit Pollen and artificial pollination services and solutions. Our products are available internationally and New Zealand wide.

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BioSoil & Crop specialises in sampling and analysing soil and tissues of perennial crop plants and making nutrient recommendations based on these results.

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Our Story

During the first five years of startup phase...

During the first five years of startup phase, RPL’s core strategic focus and function was directed at research and development of an Autonomous [] Kiwifruit Harvester and a Robotic Apple Packing Cell; building internal capability and strategic relationships; as well as investigating market and customer requirements.   What emerged is an approach to business that provides access to our cutting-edge technological through contract service so our customers do not have to buy complete systems and get the most
up-to-date versions on the market.

We live in a growing world where it is becoming harder to supply healthy food options like fresh produce to people globally and keep maintain a competitive price point against processed alternatives. Robotics can help the sustainable future of fresh produce.

Robotics Plus Ltd can deliver products, processes, services or advice with a complete system perspective.


Our Awards

Finalist for NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever of the Year 2012
Winner of Tauranga 2011 Rocket Young Innovator of the Year (under 40)
Alistair is the first scholar to receive the Dick and Mary Earle Scholarship in
Technology for three consecutive years
ZESPRI Innovation Fellowship 2011