Āporo Fruit Packer

Our fruit packer is designed to improve reliability and accuracy in packing. From the infeed to the orientation of the fruit, contained within a robust stainless-steel frame – the apple packer does this effortlessly.


Single or double outlet configuration  

The Āporo is designed to be supplied either as a single-belt unit or in a double configuration depending on the needs of your packing operation.  

Delicate handling 

All fruit handling surfaces have been carefully chosen to eliminate any fruit damage. Each fruit is aligned and presented to the robot for packing. The orientation pockets can handle a range of sizes with minimal setup. Once in the machine, suction cups are used to place the fruit gently and accurately without damage. 

Neural networks and intelligence

Advanced electronics and software are the brains behind the operation. The software creates the logic needed for the robot to make decisions on how and where to pack fruit. The electronics collect sensory information and provide the power to make it happen.

Configurable orientation of stems and color

Orientation of the fruit can be configured by the user and the side with the high-color side of the fruit placed up for perfect retail presentation at greater consistency than a human. This can be controlled on the machine with a simple user interface which visually shows the stem configuration on the touchscreen. 

Fast and accurate packing

Our high-performance pick and place robot quickly places each fruit into RTD trays. Speed is dependent on the size of the produce but the machine easily matches or exceeds a human, operating at 100+ fruit per minute with a high level of consistency.