Prospr is a robust, autonomous, multi-use hybrid vehicle platform that significantly increases efficiency across a variety of crop tasks. With our unique modular architecture, you can rotate multiple tools and attachments across a single vehicle depending on the work of the day.


Intelligent and targeted spraying

Spray rates and air speed are dynamic and controlled in zones or by individual fans, to maximise spray efficacy. This means that spray that is much more targeted than traditional sprayers. The fine mist and turbulent air produced by our sprayers puts spray on the backs of leaves. All of this results in superior droplet formation and spray deposition.

Our modular approach means you will be able to deploy a range of spray configurations, making it adaptable to a variety of crop types, growing formats, heights, and the job of the day. 

Highly maneuverable for increased productivity

With a small footprint and unique steering configuration, incorporating electric steering and independent motors, the vehicle turns on its rear axle with a minimum headland requirement of 7.1m/23ft for row-to-row turning. This allows you to cover ground faster, maximizing productivity and spray time compared to machines that turn on every second row or greater. Minimum row spacing is 1.83m/6ft, giving you options to deploy automation in a greater variety of applications in various crop types.

Our vehicle’s lightweight design combined with our unique tire and wheel configuration significantly reduces ground compaction to best protect the pore system and density of your soil.

A flexible platform and tool for any job 

Our vehicles have been developed to adapt to a range of tools or implements. The modular architecture gives us the power to adapt to different crop types and applications, providing year-round automation benefits and maximizing machine utilization.

Our interface supports multiple machines which can be controlled by a team of two operators. This can be from either a fixed or mobile console.

Hybrid technology for extended operation 

Prospr is an all-electric autonomous vehicle, with on-board power generation. Electric drive motors give superior torque and control, whilst a Tier 4 diesel generator means the vehicle can operate for extended periods with no need to plug in. Fuel consumption is minimized by electrically driving all systems, including tools.

Regenerative braking and high-capacity batteries extend range whilst our intelligent all-wheel-drive system with independent wheel motors gives sufficient grip and control, reducing ground damage.

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