Log Scaler

Available as a fixed or mobile scaler, the world's first robotic log scaling machines have been developed by Robotics Plus. Previously, log scaling and other checks were a slow, sometimes dangerous, manual process. Now, every log can be scaled accurately by machine, as they arrive at the port, without the risk to workers.


Advanced scanning technology

Utilizing Lidar, cameras and neural networks, a 3D model is constructed of each truck. This comprises thousands of data points to build an accurate model of the logs. 

High-capacity operation

The gantry scaler is designed for high-capacity operations and can process up to 20 trucks per hour. A range of trucks and load formats can be accommodated with log scalers able to be customized to handle specific operating requirements.  

Robust construction for industrial or port operations 

Our scalers are also designed to operate in port environments and around heavy machinery. As a result it is extremely reliable and robust in construction. The system is also designed for easy serviceability, camera bars and other components can easily be swapped out if required, giving minimal downtime.

Remote monitoring and support 

All machines are connected to our secure cloud platform via an Industrial IoT network. This allows the Robotics Plus support team to log-in and remotely diagnose any issues, reset or manipulate the machine and guide any repairs remotely if required.  

Easy integration into business systems 

Data specific to each truck or load can also be stored and retrieved or rolled up into business reporting systems for processing and analysis.   


“The robotic scaler measuring process eliminates exposure to hazards and moves those people into a safer environment.” Paul Cameron
CEO of ISO Limited